Artist Statement:

Since our lives are made up of finite time, the way that time is spent, accumulated, or valued is important. Time between tending to responsibilities often slips by unrecorded or undervalued. Although this time is often viewed as insignificant, it can house our thoughts, our dreams, and the day-to-day moments that become a large portion of our lives and identities. If we remember nothing of these periods, or are left with vague traces of the past then what of this time and of ourselves has been lost? In my work I aim to make this time and these traces visible.

My multi-media sculptures and installations are rooted in the domestic because this personal space is closely associated with leisure time and with the identity of an individual. The home is where we store our personal histories: photo albums, heirlooms, souvenirs, and other objects that elicit memories. In my work, I remove the common functionality of domestic space and its objects to allow room for contemplation of our actions, moments, and memories within its walls.

My focus on time is explored in a variety of ways including repetition, handwork, making evident the history or age of objects, or by the viewer’s movement and time within a space. Although the techniques differ, it is within the layers and within the details of the works that traces of different moments are evident. Jennifer Gonzalez writes about traces and an understanding of time in her essay Autotopographies: “Although the trace remains, the world from which it came is absent. The trace thus has the unique ability to represent time as neither past nor present but as both simultaneously”. As I make traces visible through actions, memories, objects, or spaces, I intend to make this time understood as it pertains to the present. Throughout the work, it is physically implied that the actions will continue; therefore, extending Gonzalez’s ideas of simultaneous understandings of time to also include the future. For me, visible traces allude to a struggle to remember the time that is spent and the time that will be spent.